little notes to our boy

Emitt and the water sprayer

Easter Egg Hunt at mama’s work! You had a really good time, and were looking everywhere—under balloons, under tables, inside desk drawers, everywhere!  You picked up almost a basket of eggs before you realized that there were TREATS inside the eggs! Game changer! 

Trick or Treat!

Happy Halloween!

Hey Emitt! 

It’s Halloween, buddy!  You’ve been super excited about Halloween for weeks now.  You and Daddy practiced trick or treating (I stayed inside and handed you an M&M every time you came up to the door and yelled “TRICK OR TREAT!” and you have had your mind made up for about a month that you wanted to be Thomas.  (You wanted Daddy to be Sir Topham Hatt and me to be Flynn the Fire Engine, but luckily you are not too disappointed that we didn’t make those things happen.)  I tried to make you a Thomas costume out of an old diaper box, and it turned out pretty good!

After I took that picture, Dada put some red tape around the front part to block out the pattern that was coming through, and we added the shoulder straps.  Here you are!

I think you will actually wear your backup Thomas costume today, as it is supposed to rain allll day long and a cardboard box is not the best costume in a downpour, but I’m glad we finished it, and I’m glad you liked it!  You look super cute in your backup Thomas costume and you are more comfortable in it anyways, so it’s all good. 

As for us, since we didn’t get around to transforming into Sir Topham Hatt and Flynn the Fire Engine, we let you choose second choices for us and Dada is Batman and I’m Catwoman. 

Love you bud!  We can’t wait to see you out trick or treating tonight!  Hope that rain goes away by then!

Beach Vacay in St. Joseph

Dear Emitt,

Let me get the apology out of the way first.  We haven’t posted anything in over a month, and that is because this summer has been so incredibly busy. We bought a new house, and sold our house (our home!! as you so sweetly yell out every time we pull into our driveway), and we are moving in a few (very) short days.  Every time I want to sit down and upload some pics and write something, I remember I need to pack boxes, or sort through loads of stuff I haven’t looked at in over a decade, or clean something, or deal with more paperwork…moving is time-consuming, and incredibly stressful, but we hope it will all be worth it in the end.  And if it’s not, we will move back.  Ferndale’s not going anywhere any time soon.  :) 

So let’s back up a little bit.  This trip got off to a whirlwind of a start.  See, I didn’t mention it yet, but you turned 2 years old last month. Two! Already! (You’re still my baby bubaloo though.) This is how your birthday week went: we bought a house early in the week, did a whirlwind cleaning/hiding stuff job to get the official house pics taken the next day, listed the house, celebrated your birthday on Friday, and then had a big huge party for probably more than 50 people on Saturday.  THEN, we had to wake up Sunday morning, re-clean the ENTIRE house and stage it to start “showing” it to sell it by noon that day.  Aunt Jen, Gaga, and Mama cleaned the living daylights out of the house, while you, Uncle Adam, Dada, and Cousin Oliver went to Target to give us some space to get our cleaning on. We got out of the house at 11:30am, had the first showing about an hour later, and sold it! Just like that!  All of the craziness was worth it.

So after all of that was done, we were on the road to our planned beach vacation in St. Joseph.  Me, you, Dada, Aunt Jen, Uncle Adam, and Oliver went.  It was about a three hour drive out there, and we arrived to find a huge art fair parked in front of our hotel. Parking was a pain, but we eventually figured out how to navigate the blocked-off streets and arrived at our hotel, the Boulevard Inn. None of us had been to St. Joe’s before, and we were really happy to find that the hotel was in the best location possible—-overlooking the beach, right downtown, about a 2 minute walk from anything we could possibly want to do.  St. Joseph is a really family-friendly town.  Of course there’s the beach, and Lake Michigan is beautiful.  There’s a carousel on the beach, as well as a kids hands on museum and hands-on activity annex.  The restaurants have stroller parking, and Silver Beach Pizza even gave you a little container of real pizza dough to play with as we waited for our food.  Here are some (ok, a lot!) of pics to show you the fun we had. 

Building a sand castle with Uncle Adam

Beach ready bros, in the latest British swim fashions (borrowed from your BFF, Max!)

Cuties on the carousel!  Silver Beach used to have a permanent amusement park decades ago.  It’s long since demolished, but some elements remain, like this awesome restored carousel. It’s indoors, so people can ride it year-round.  I believe this was Oliver’s first carousel ride! He woke up just in time!

We rented this crazy bicycle-built-for-six contraption. It was the size and shape of a golf cart.  We got it for an hour, thinking “oh yeah, an hour will be perfect!” but the truth is, we were all sweaty and wishing for a cold beverage after about 20 minutes.  That thing is harder to power than it looks!!  But it was fun, and cool to cruise around town in it.

Do I even need to say how ABSOLUTELY PUMPED you were to discover this Thomas the Train statue downtown?  We heard many pleas to “go seeeee Thooooomas!” throughout the weekend.  You were thrilled. So happy. 

Some pics from our walk on the pier.

And a final shot from the final thing we did…get ice cream!  It was Oliver’s first time having ice cream, and he was really digging the mango ice cream Adam shared with him.

We had the best time!  This should be a tradition!

Love you!

Dada, you lookin’ so cool, wearin’ your pants!

—You, judging dada’s clothing style after work one day.
Permanent vacation

Permanent vacation

4th of July guy!

4th of July guy!

Toby scared, mama scared, Emitt scared. Then mama made chicken nuggets and cuddled. Thunder not too bad!

Your take on the recent thunderstorms

Mama, Toby poooked!! Gross! Why he do that??

You, upon seeing a smear of peanut butter on the side of your high chair this morning.  It was most definitely not “poook” from Toby!